Valentini Ice Cream has been delivering a unique blend of premium ice cream with tropical flavors since 1966.

Family-owned and operated since day one, the core values established early on remain at the focal point of everything we do.



WE PRIDE OURSELVES IN PROVIDING The ultimate levels of customer satisfaction

and service across all channels.

Our top priority
is to make sure

all our delicious ice cream and desserts are made from the highest quality ingredients. Our premium ice cream can be found across various channels including both food services and grocery industries. From Mainstream and Latin ice cream flavors to Specialty Premium Ice Cream and Gourmet desserts, we offer a wide selection of products throughout our portfolio.

Behind-The-Scenes Excellence While You Take Center Stage

Valentini Ice Cream takes immense pride in offering third-party private labeling capabilities. With our Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification, we adhere to recognized high-quality standards across the entire supply chain.