Our Story

Mantecado Ice Cream with chocolate cookie crumbs and strawberriesValentini Ice Cream has been delivering a unique blend of premium ice cream with tropical flavors since 1966. Family owned and operated since day one, the core values established early on remain at the focal point of everything we do. We pride ourselves in providing the ultimate levels of customer satisfaction and service across all channels. Our top priority is to make sure all our delicious ice cream and desserts are made from the highest quality ingredients.

Our premium ice cream can be found across various channels including both food services and grocer industries. From Mainstream and Latin ice cream flavors to Specialty Premium Ice Cream and Gourmet desserts, we offer a wide selection of products throughout our portfolio.

Throughout the years, we have experienced tremendous growth and expansion in South Florida across major grocers such as Publix, Sedanos, Walmart and Winn Dixie. You can also find Valentini desserts in restaurants like Vallagio, Carpacio and even Johnny Rockets. In addition to our hometown growth, we continue to expand nationally as far north as New York and into the Caribbean as far south as Puerto Rico, where we are recognized by our fans for the authentic flavors featured in all of our ice cream.