Guava Mangorita: Saturday Night Cocktail ala Valentini


Gather up all the ingredients and try to have some restraint folks! Remember some of the ice cream has to actually make it into the mix. Follow the recipe in the comment section of this album.

3 Scoops of Valentini Guava Ice Cream (Absolutely the freshest Guava added to our Guava Ice Cream is the secret weapon here folks. Don’t get much better!)

2 handfuls of Mango Chunks

3/4 cup Mango Nectar

3 oz lime juice

*3 oz Tequila

*2 oz Triple-Sec Liqueur

Pop it all into your blender of choice, press the magic button and viola!  Make sure to wet the rim of the glass and dip into sugar to complete your perfect Saturday night cocktail.

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